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« Happily the Magdeburg Theater’s in-house orchestra, to which were added several members of the French ensemble Opera Fuoco (from which a good part of the singer soloists also came) delivered its goods.  David Stern, director of the ensemble, who has been frequent guest with his musicians at the Elbe, assured a warm and lyrical-cantabile sound with several beautiful instrumental solos.  This was far from given, considering that a few hours earlier, the renowned ensemble Concerto Köln…. »

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, March 2018

Richard LÖwenherz 

« ....this was a splendid exposition of baroque opera. Praise in the first place for the conductor David Stern at the head of a combination of his own Opera Fuoco and members of the Magdeburg Philharmonic. As well as endowing the performance with an energetic momentum, he brought out all the details in Handel’s brilliant instrumentation, culminating in a remarkable, introduction to an aria in the second half of the work. The music hesitates, stops and uncertainly starts again, providing a striking dramatic realisation of the singer’s despair and indecision. 

... with a conductor and stage director expert in this repertory the experience at Magdeburg was a rewarding one. »

Anthony Ogus, March 2018


« This weekend’s exuberant Palm Beach Opera premiere in Kravis Center uses a version created for the New York Philharmonic in 2004....
It’s a provocative and entertaining experience. David Stern’s buoyant musical direction buttresses ... an exhilarating, superbly cast and imaginatively directed spectacle. »

Palm Beach Daily News, February 2018


« The 58-member orchestra sat on a sturdy platform ten feet above the action, behind a scrim, which, in the last act, becomes a vista of St. Peter’s and the Vatican. All one could see, at this level, was the conductor, David Stern, who was seriously splendid. The orchestra sounded absolutely wonderful.. Stern took the music a hair faster than I was accustomed to, and I liked the results. I was veryimpressed with his conducting. »

Susan Miron
The Musical Intelligencer

« This “Tosca” very much hit its mark. It was in fact one of the most robust BLO opening nights I can recall. »

Jeremy Eichler
Boston Globe

« For this run, the orchestra is being led by the talented David Stern; and his conducting was quite impressive. Lyrical moments such as Cavaradossi's first act aria were appropriately expansive, while the tense passages of the second act really bristled. The orchestra played wonderfully under his baton. Rarely has the prelude to Act Three sounded better. The choir of celli at the opening of "E luvevan ..." was ethereal, and the clarinet solo that followed most evocative.

Ed Tapper
EDGE Media Network


«JUILLIARD OPERA delivered a beautifully sung, engagingly acted production of Die Zauberflöte at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater on April 19.  Led with verve by David Stern, the evening zipped along at a brisk pace that kept self-indulgence at bay and spurred both singers and orchestra to expressive urgency.»


Magdeburg Theater DAMON

«Artistry is what we hear from the raised orchestra pit, from the Paris-based period-instrument ensemble Opera Fuoco.  David Stern, with his concertmaster, Katharina Wolff, develops a wonderfully rich Telemann sound…. it contributes to a coherent color-palette for this work - gentle yet powerful,  perfectly in tune, always supporting the stage, well-focused, simply right.»
Leipziger Volkszeitung

Palm Beach Opera CARMEN

«Aside from Rinat Shaham, the other bright spot was Palm Beach Opera’s always-reliable orchestra, led by new chief conductor David Stern.  The musicians gave a precise, energetic and brilliantly colored performance, snapping off the Spanish-influenced turns of phrase with style, with particularly fine work by the winds in Bizet’s inventive, memorable melodies.»  

Paris Philharmonie - Opera Fuoco Natalie Dessay & Friends

«David Stern shows great finesse in his choice of tempi and nuances.  In accompanying his soloists, he knows how to make them shine, revealing a complicity which can be felt in the hall.»   


Shanghai Baroque Festival Alcina

«This subtle and fine interpretation of the baroque aesthetic was passionately defended by the young singers under the direction of  the charismatic and bold conductor, David Stern »

CLASSIQUE NEWS – Philippe Alexandre Pham


Credit: Palm Beach Opera



Palm Beach Daily News  

Robert Croan  
Feb 21, 2015

«The cast of North American singers was, in general, outstanding, as was the work of conductor David Stern.»

Musical America

John Fleming
Feb 25, 2015

«Musical values are exemplary, starting with virtuoso orchestral playing under conductor David Stern.»



Mogens H Andersson
12 August

Magnificent vocal artistry and a newly appreciated Drottningholm Theatre Orchestra led by David Stern with the same fervor that would have excited Mozart at Christmas 1770. 


8 August    

The international ensemble, both orchestral and vocal, offers yet another way to renew baroque opera that leaves us wishing for more.  

Tidningen NU

7 August

Mitridate re di Ponto, a great success at Drottningholm. Musically, it is a gem in conductor David Stern’s hands, charged and full of vitality and well-balanced in the orchestra pit.

1 MI14


La Lettre du Musicien

Jacques Bonnaure
6 juin 2014

David Stern and his Opera Fuoco orchestra are without a doubt the key to this project with their elegant and well-balanced playing.


Culture Box/France TV

Bertrand renard
5 juin 2014

Nicolas Bacri's music is charming, at first neoclassical à la Stravinsky, then evolving more toward Ravel and Poulenc or... Bacri. Engaging musical direction by David Stern and very good young singers... Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt weaves a wise and very subtle libretto which completely reverses that of Mozart's and DaPonte's: here the victims are Alfonso and Despina, in love with each other... A modest and inspired staging by Jean-Yves Ruf... an attractive tapestry of love's ravages and false sentiments.





Passée des Arts

by Christophe Pusek
February 9, 2014

« It must be said that Karine Deshayes and Opera Fuoco are so well matched that nothing seems more important to them than giving this repertoire the best of their art; they form such a fusional pair that everything these works have to offer in terms of exaltation is brought to life and expression. Opera Fuoco provides more than support; indeed, Karine Deshayes finds in Opera Fuoco a real equal, an ensemble which not only offers a sumptuous sound but, under David Stern's energetic direction, a reading full of contrasts and alacrity, yet never forgetting to breathe or to move. The most lasting impression, and one which proves the pertinence of using period instruments for the music of the first half of the 19th century, is the profusion of colors which accompanies the listening from beginning to end. This refined and lively touch is a continual enchantment.»

Expedition Audio

Paul Ballyk
September 8, 2014

The rich and silvery tone of mezzo-soprano Karine Deshayes' voice suites this repertoire ideally and conductor David Stern leads his orchestra in vigorous and impeccably played performances. Anyone who appreciates the vocal music of Berlioz, or operas coming from the time of Meyerbeer and Weber should not delay in getting a copy of this exceptional album.


MACBETH - Palm Beach Opera

Concerto Net

by Jeff Haller
January, 2014

« The fine vocal performances must be credited in large part to conductor David Stern who at times takes the tempo at a faster pace than one might be used to. There are instruments I have never before heard neither in performance nor recording because Stern is keenly sensitive to the complexities of the material. »

1 cn


Palm Beach Arts Paper

by Greg Stepanich
January 31, 2014



« Conductor David Stern led an excellent Palm Beach Opera Orchestra, which sounded splendid all the way through, with all the sonic palette Verdi calls for, from murmur to shout. A lot of the credit for that has to go to Stern, who led the music masterfully. In the big Verdian climaxes, with shrieking winds and pounding brasses, he was like the conductor of a steam engine, letting out power and heat gradually but inexorably. He deserves a return engagement, and perhaps more than that. »


South Florida Classical Review

Superb orchestral and choral work under the commanding baton of David Stern

by Lawrence Budmen
January 5, 2014

« Stern led a fiery, rhythmically vital reading of the score, never letting tension flag and exhibiting real affinity for the ebb and flow of Verdi’s melodies. The orchestra responded superbly, playing with finely controlled dynamics and full bodied, vigorous ensemble. »


« A brilliant production »

by Mark Morris
October 28, 2013

 © Photo : John Lucas , Edmonton Journal  

Show features strong international cast and director

« Koeken and Stern promised they would “blow the dust” off this opera, and they did. Here I learned more about what Strauss the composer was up to than in any other encounter I have had with the work.
Most surprising of all, their interpretation was entirely justified by the music. I have not heard the orchestra (the Edmonton Symphony) play with such idiomatic passion or with such a big sound — a tribute to Stern’s conducting.
This production really lays down the gauntlet for the company’s future. If Edmonton indeed aims to be an international city, this was the kind of artistic production — both in terms of repertoire, and in terms of quality — that deserves international attention, and of which the city can be truly proud. »




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