Weill – Lady in the dark – Opera Zuid

New production touring the Netherlands: November 12th – December 12th 2022

During the run of Lady in the Dark in the early 1940s in New York, Kurt Weill was admired by the entire American musical community. The dramatist Moss Hart and the librettist Ira Gershwin opened up the world of Broadway to the composer, and convinced him to collaborate with them in creating this sophisticated musical synthesis of American Swing and music from the Berlin of the années folles. The story is based on intrigue, glamour and the latest developments in psycho-analysis and the challenges of a professional woman competing in an environment dominated by men. At times evoking cabaret, and at others lyrical operetta, the music avoids stereotype and invents a style quite avant-garde for its era.  

This is a new production of the Dutch company Opera Zuid – Maastricht. The stage director Anna Pool and David Stern join forces to present this Weill classic to the Dutch public for the first time.