Bernstein – Candide – Marly-le-Roi

Centre Culturel Jean Vilar (Marly-le-Roi) – November 26th 2021 – 8:30 PM

The infamous philosophical tale of Candide is an epic legend, a voyage across the world. A world where humans are propelled from place to place by their thoughts and intentions. Reflecting on this text, I was fascinated by its contemporary resonance. The natural catastrophes, the shipwrecks at sea, the excess of injustice and intolerance, fanaticism … these could all be newspaper headlines of our time. Situated among our contemporary themes of European unity, human rights and the environment, revisiting the story of Candide has real urgency and purpose.

Leonard Bernstein infuses the adaptation with a disarming sense of humor and an exceptional original score. Taking this piece out of its iconic context to make it more accessible and contemporary would allow Voltaire’s message to shine through.

Even though the singing will remain in English, the spoken text will be adapted into French. What is more exciting than a boxing match between Voltaire and Bernstein, to pitch French philosophical thought against American optimism?

Catherine Vrignaud-Cohen, stage-director


Representation in French and English (songs) with surtitles – Duration: about 1h40


David Stern – Conductor

Catherine Vrignaud-Cohen – Stage Direction

Delphine Brouard – Scenography and costumes

Daniel Ferreira – Lighting creation

Mona Terrones – Assistant Stage Director


Étienne de Bénazé – Candide

Milena Bischoff – Cunégonde

Anne-Lise Polchlopek – Old Lady

Adrien Fournaison – Maximilian

Matthieu Walendzik – Pangloss

Marco Angioloni – Le Gouverneur/Vander den Dur

Cécile Madelin – Paquette

François Macherey – Narrator

Fabrice Cals – Actor

Karolos Zouganeli – Piano